Data Connectivity


Using satellite technology to transform IoT connectivity across industries and  geographical borders


The Global Reliable IoT Solution

Satellite can be used to provide communications for land transport: rail, cargo, trucks and other vehicles.
Transportation and supply chain connectivity, including autonomous trains and tankers, require SLA-demanding M2M/IoT connectivity services for tracking, security and condition monitoring purposes. Oil and gas, utility, forestry and mining companies require M2M and IoT services for asset, people and tank level tracking, on-site staff communications or SCADA telemetry and monitoring backhauls.

From tracking assets to remotely communicating with systems all over the globe, satellite connectivity helps keep machines connected, expand application each and enable data communications virtually anywhere.

Water management

Oil and Gas pipeline monitoring

Asset tracking

Distribution automation


Inmarsat BGAN M2M

BGAN M2M is ideal for applications with data volume requirements ranging from megabytes to gigabytes, such as real-time surveillance or high-volume metering and telemetry. It provides full IP data connectivity supported by remote terminal management, debugging and configuration options and using robust and lightweight hardware, BGAN M2M enables a wide range of M2M applications.

BGAN-M2M offers a range of plans from low usage small scale deployments through bulk pooled data use for large-scale distributors.  Standard IP connectivity makes BGAN-M2M “plug and play” for many conventional M2M and IoT applications and devices. Pooled data plans reduce risk of unexpected costs if an anomaly occurs on a remote machine.

Global coverage

BGAN M2M offers you 99.9% availability wherever you are, except in the extreme polar regions.

Performance & latency

Send data using BGAN Standard IP at a rate of up to 448kbps with a low latency from 800 milliseconds, assuring real-time visibility of critical data.

Easily integrated

Simple for field teams to set up and integrate with bespoke applications, and to maintain without technical expertise or training

Enhanced support

Free firmware upgrade over the Inmarsat-4 network, so field personnel do not have to be deployed to visit remote sites to perform the task

Asset management

Weather & environmental monitoring

Telemetry SCADA

IP SCADA for data backhaul

Cellular backup

Recloser management



Inmarsat’s BGAN service provides simultaneous data and voice communications via satellite to a range of compact terminals. Delivered by a satellite network operating in the L-band, the core service achieves availability rates of 99.9 per cent and security that meets military and government standards. BGAN is capable of being used in both fixed and vehicular applications, achieving Standard IP data speeds of up to 492kbps and streaming speeds from 32bps to 800kbps (BGAN HDR).

Remote workers & Maintenance fleets

Providing remote oil and gas, mining and utilities workers with proven, reliable and always-on connectivity when they need it most : office connectivity and video conferencing, telemetry and push-to-talk capabilities

Exploration teams

for oil and gas, construction and mining sectors to stream visual data from site surveys

Train operators

Low-form factor satellite terminals are installed on locomotives, which provide real-time GPS, telemetry and PTT capabilities worldwide. 

Control centres can safely & efficiently oversee and schedule the locomotives and goods movement across the rail network as well as  enable communications with the crew.


Agriculture & Mining

for providing in-field connectivity for workers and vehicles or connecting heavy industry vehicle operators and control centres

Global coverage

Simultaneous voice & data

Terminal flexibility

Streaming IP

Easy to use

Reliable network


No excess data bill

Inmarsat IsatData Pro

For reliability, security and scalability, nothing compares to Inmarsat’s IsatData Pro (IDP) service. From simple tracking and monitoring to more sophisticated telemetry, logistics and safety compliance, IDP provides mission-critical data connectivity in a compact, affordable package. Use it as a stand-alone satellite connection for truly remote assets, or a mobile business continuity when coverage, events or disasters impact the availability of cellular networks.

Featuring global connectivity and operating in near real-time, IDP enables and enhances a host of industrial IoT applications where event driven messaging is key. With a host of easily integratable hardware options, very low power usage, and flexible service plans IDP provides mission critical data connectivity in a compact, affordable package.

Reliable event-driven data services


For mission critical applications, IDP can transmit a 100 byte message in less than 15 seconds – or a 1,000 byte message in 45 seconds. Ideal for sending information to drivers operating in high-risk areas.

Share more data across diverse operations via emails, electronic forms and workflow information :

  • vehicle telemetry information
  • maintaining driver logs
  • sensors to closely monitor assets


to monitor tank levels, safety shut-offs and intrusion detection

Oil & Gas

Never send an employee to manually check the status of a remote wellhead or pipeline again – IDP can provide regulatory compliance and improve worker safety.

Satellite solutions guarantee data
connectivity where cellular & radio are not feasible. Provide backup for critical locations that must be monitored constantly to ensure system integrity, from offshore rigs to the most remote oilfields.


Provide vehicle tracking, monitoring and control of remote industrial mechanisms


IDP is ideal for remote monitoring & control of on-farm infrastructure such as irrigation systems, weather stations, cattle weight systems and water storage units which help farmers to reduce the cost of physically monitoring their assets, as well as providing peace of mind.  Asset tracking is growing in importance, from predictive maintenance and location of farm machinery to traceability and tracking of agricultural commodities through the global supply chain.

Agritech companies present solutions designed to make farming more resource efficient and productive than ever before and using satellite IDP, they are not restricted by poor connectivity. 


Global coverage

Compact, omnidirectional antenna

Easy to install

Ultra-low power consumption

Reliable network

Programmable terminals

Low Cost

Two-way communications