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Design9 specialises in providing Telemetry data links in remote locations using the Inmarsat Geostationary Satellites.

Proudly Australian owned & operated – we provide the hardware, the engineering and the software development to provide tailored complete solutions.


14 Wollong Street
Gosford, NSW 2250


Sales, Engineering & Support:        (02) 4321 0727


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Tailored Airtime Solutions

We provide tailored satellite solutions including:

Private network via VPN or MetroEthernet

Private or Public IP Ranges

Bespoke Software Services

Bulk data plans for data spread across hundreds or thousands of terminals

Custom portal to control and monitor connectivity status

Voltron : Remote management

Get real time status and control of your terminals using our custom platform, integrated into the satellite network:

Firewall control

Current session status & current IP address

Current data usage including intermediate call data records

Customer usage control with configurable warning emails and auto suspends

Dashboard view of all terminals including connection status, map location, firmware version

Free firmware upgrades over the air for M2M terminals

Integration Support

If you’re an engineering company, we’re here to help you integrate the satellite technology into your product design.

Analog and Digital IO

MODBUS for PLC’s (serial and ethernet)

VMS Tracking

Ethernet Public (Dynamic and Static IP)

Ethernet Private (VPN or Leased line back from Earth Station)

Mobile Internet Access

Mobile Satellite

Portable devices that provide internet access when your in remote locations.

Vehicle WiFi Hotspot services

Vehicle mounted antennas providing continuous connectivity on the move.

VMS for Commercial Fishing

Design9 supplies satellite terminals configured for VMS Compliance as required.

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