M2M Satellite Terminals

ethernet connectivity or messaging over satellite

BGAN Terminals

Ultra compact comms-on-the-move

One-piece system with combined transceiver and omni-directional antenna with integrated WiFi

Robust & Durable : no moving parts for the most demanding environments

Turn your vehicle into a mobile communications hub using only a single cable

No excess data charges using the new BGAN Link plans

Compact, rugged all-IP terminal designed to withstand all weather conditions & long term exposure

Ideal for SCADA applications in remote unmanned locations where users can manage the terminal remotely via SMS

Supplied with mounting hardware to enable accurate antenna positioning

Dual mode cellular + BGAN M2M

A rugged M2M terminal designed to provide reliable & secure IP data in even the harshest environments

Well suited for bespoke M2M solutions such as IP SCADA for data backhaul, asset tracking, real-time surveillance & remote telemetry



Portable, small & lightweight voice + broadband data communications  

Durable magnesium casing, dust & water resistent

Wi-Fi hotspot capability for Internet connection with laptop or smart devices

Easy system setup and operation


An alternative to the external antenna version, this integrated modem with a compact antenna is extremely rugged, to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions

Ideal for SCADA & unattended sites equipped for M2M applications

Exceptionally low power consumption (<1W idle)


A 3G IP Based Satellite modem with a semi-directional antenna

Can be used as an always on IP data link, or it can be powered up from sleep mode when needed

Suitable for connecting data loggers, RTU’s or any device that requires internet access for data retrieval

Ideal for sites that require up to 1 MByte per day

IDP Terminals

Delivers complete visibility & control of industrial assets operating in remote areas

Versatile & rugged for mobile assets such as light-and-heavy-duty commercial vehicles, railcars, fishing vessel, heavy equipment and more

Configurable applications and custom scripts can accommodate basic or complex deployments, on land or at sea

Satellite-cellular connectivity : cost effectively track, monitor & control remote assets with multi-network connectivity

Feature-rich & versatile, with standard features including multiple I/Os & Bluetooth

Flexible programming for custom solutions

Comprehensive integration resources for quick deployment

Simplified architecture for off-the-shelf, low-cost satellite messaging

An intuitive AT Command set is available for quick integration with external PLCs and general-purpose controllers

Optional internal super capacitor, allowing continued operation during temporary power loss

Built-in GNSS module allows global location tracking


Hardware + Expertise

The needs and requirements for each customer are by their nature unique and depend on factors such as site, usage, desired outcomes and many other aspects. 

Our team of dedicated Design9 engineers work with customers to define their requirements, including the range and type of specialised terminals and sensors required, the reporting frequency and data plan to ensure a successful outcome.

We can  design tailored solutions, using our extensive experience to combine the right devices, data & software for your needs :

→   custom software scripts

→   enclosures and mountings

→   web platform development

   custom airtime plans