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What we do

 The Aussie experts in Satellite Integration                & M2M connectivity

We provide tailored satellite solutions including:

  • Private network via VPN or MetroEthernet
  • Private or Public IP Ranges
  • Bespoke Software Services
  • Bulk data plans for data spread across hundreds or thousands of terminals
  • Custom portal to control and monitor connectivity status



Get real time status and control of your terminals using our custom platform, integrated into the satellite network.            

  • Firewall control
  • Current session status & current IP address
  • Current data usage including intermediate call data records
  • Customer usage control with configurable warning emails and auto suspends
  • Dashboard view of all terminals including connection status, map location, firmware version
  • Free firmware upgrades over the air for M2M terminals

Integration Support

If you’re an engineering company, we’re here to help you integrate the satellite technology into your product design. 


  • Analog and Digital IO
  • MODBUS for PLC’s (serial and ethernet)
  • VMS Tracking
  • Ethernet Public (Dynamic and Static IP)
  • Ethernet Private (VPN or Leased line back from Earth Station)




Customer Support & Sales enquiries


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