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What we do


The Design9 team are the experts in Satellite Integration and M2M connectivity.

We provide tailored satellite solutions including:

  • Private network via VPN or MetroEthernet
  • Private or Public IP Ranges
  • Bespoke Software Services
  • Bulk data plans for data spread across hundreds or thousands of terminals
  • Advanced warranty, exchange at no charge on connected terminals
  • Extended warranties of up to 5 Years on Hughes terminals
  • Platforms to control and monitor connectivity status.

Forward Thinking


Get real time status and control of your terminals using our custom platform, integrated into the satellite network.

  • Real time firewall control
  • Current session status and current IP address
  • Current data usage including intermediate call data records
  • Customer usage control with configurable warning emails and auto suspends
  • Dashboard view of all terminals including connection status, map location, firmware version
  • Free firmware upgrades over the air for M2M terminals



Problem Solvers


Our software team consists of experts in Java, C, Python, SQL databases, LUA and embedded devices. We have developed both software and hardware to accompany our satellite range of product in-house using these experts skill sets.

Connectivity available :

  • Skywave IsatPro M2M
  • Inmarsat BGAN M2M (Satellite IP)
  • Inmarsate BGAN Link
  • Terrestrial 3G
  • 9600bps satellite CSD & SMS


  • Analog and Digital IO
  • MODBUS for  PLC’s (serial and ethernet)
  • SDI-12 sensors
  • Ethernet Public (Dynamic and Static IP)
  • Ethernet Private (VPN or Leased line back from Earth Station)